by Ethan Kennedy

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released October 21, 2008



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Ethan Kennedy Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Mother's Door
Born into the human war
Though I never really knew what for
Swept up by blood flow

Born in time, born with tears
Born to a million people's fears
Born with room to grow

Born by a song from a distant shore
I floated down to my mother's door
She brought me in from the cold

Ain't it funny the way change comes creeping up on you
Though you are not quite ready for what it has to give?
A basket full of doubt sits abandoned by the road side
As a pack of a judges feed on it as their death row meal
And you learn a young woman's name

And the world comes whirling 'round with light years abandoned
Keeping a feeling underground and a concept in the sink
While your money burns like paper, while you're waiting to feel safer
The game is underway but the players are nowhere even near the field
They're in the back room discussing the same old grumpy plans

I can fly like tiger paper, I can sing like a tattooed whale
Got a private elevator and a ship that needs no sails
I got many destinations and just as many ways to get there
And you want to tell me that it's all the same, but man I'm not as tired as you
I've got a royal purple diamond for every wrinkle in your head
Track Name: Is There No Greater Love?
Shoes that aren't quite filled and unrequited will
Tales of wales and woe
Old library books in which nobody looks
Dust and age being to show

Digging for a way to be whole
I am just a mate on the hunt for a soul
If you can be my universe, I will be your black hole

Two as one, bended knee, so completely
You are my new me

Is there no greater love, as the edict from above
Than that of he who gives his life?
A sphere has been defined, enclosing all mankind
Crystallized in sacrifice

Nothing to do but give yourself away
Charity means surrender and faith
And piety's epitome has taken my place

I am none, I am we, collective glory
You are my new me

So you thought the answer was waiting in front of your face for you and everyone to read
When all the while, the water was raging, and we lost ourselves in a bitter, upset sea

And while everyone puts their money down, the wheel just keeps on...

Born to be myself, and really no one else
Born to be the author of my epic
I cannot give a damn if you can't understand
I do not care if you cannot accept it
Track Name: Bonnie Mae's Blues and Greens
Pure eyes, small feet on which to stand
Soft smile, warm cheeks, sugary hands
Taken, wasted all on a man
Father, drunkard, soul in the sand

Does he feel? What does he feel?
Is it real? Is the feeling real?
Can it heal? Can she be healed?
Will it peel? Will this layer peel?

Heartache justified, splashing through grief
Where will she find freedom, relief?
Inside, magnified, sanctuary
Climbs out, looks around, discovers peace

Does he feel? What does he feel?
Is it real? Is the feeling real?
Can it heal? Can she be healed?
Will it peel? Will this layer peel?

Well, the water's fine, jump on in
We'll swim like water birds, and then
Down deep we'll dive, light will bend
To reveal things that had once been hid
And any tears we may cry, never reach our chins
They just melt into where we swim
And we are revived, alive again
Build a light house, guide them travelers in

Welcome home, my Bonnie Mae
Track Name: Big Blank Canvas
Well, he became a big blank canvas every morning
And waking up he began to paint

Well, he was the painting and he was the painter
And he spoke through colors and through shapes

Working into circles, spilling out like wine
Some is in your glass and some is on your mind
The answers all around you, have you got the time?
The world is at your doorstep, they are waiting for a phrase that rhymes
And when your protocol confounds you, will you just resign?
Or will you dig a little deeper, will you act upon what you find?
And when you're bivouacked in no man's land, right up against the edge of time
Then you'll feel like I feel and we'll call it a meeting of the minds

All I ever really wanted was to play out strong and be free
I said I don't need to hurt nobody, I don't need nobody hurtin me
Well, now mama, I've been there before, must've been about a million times
And I'd rather be cuttin loose and rollin on down the line
Track Name: Blaster of Curtains
Turn off the t.v., 'cause you can't smell the roses
They ain't on your front porch no more
Someone has made off with your roses
The dirt's scattered across the floor

Blasting through curtains, shell-shocked, it's worthless I know
Beneath the surface purpose lies pure as cold water
Shapes that fit together, words that rhyme, will we build a bridge across in time to get back?
Is there a resource, is there an idea we lack?

The sweet 60 cycles speak softly each second, make syrup of your passive brain
So butter your breakfast with something like sulfur and see if it still tastes the same

What makes a pawn move and whom does the eagle stare down?
And what does wisdom think of those who in crowns strut around?
Jack and Ruby ran atop the hill and a stone was aimed two birds to kill, I know
When there's a freeze on, fire rings like reason and glows

Fragile, how this world can be
Raft on a surging sea
Ignorance will murder thee
Stand up and know you're free
Ride the wave as wise and brave
As you ever have wanted to be
And love's own hands will comfort thee
And guide you through eternity
Track Name: Stay Warm
Dog out, dog in
T.V. reflection
Again, weekend

Stay warm my friend
The stars are coming out again
Is high, the wind
The end in the beginning is

Are we really stuck in
These four dimensions?
Open expansion
Too new to mention

Stay warm my friend
The stars are coming out again
Is high, the wind
The end in the beginning is

Tonight, it begins...